A Formal Career Assessment with Personal Consultation to Give You the Confidence Needed to make Your Next Move

Maybe your confidence has been shaken, maybe you've never been very happy at work or maybe you're not sure of what post-secondary program options are right for you.  

If this sounds familiar, consider taking our formal career assessment and work with a qualified coach who can help you to determine the next best steps.

Includes a 20 page report and an hour teleconference with a qualified coach.



The global pandemic has given pause to many people in regards to their future career ambitions.

But that pause can also provide opportunity to strategically explore just where you will best fit in the future world of work, and how best to get there.

Thoughtful consideration goes a long way in avoiding costly mistakes when it comes to planning your next career move. Getting back into the same type of job because that is what is comfortable and familiar to you, doesn't necessarily mean that it is the BEST move for you, your future happiness and success. 

The same can be said for students who are trying to decide on post-secondary education options.  College and university tuitions are not cheap and considerate pre-planning can help with unnecessary losses in time and money.

 Using the worlds most widely used and respected career assessment tool, we can help to identity suitable career options and the most compatible work environments for anyone who needs to explore their options or confirm that they are on the right track.  

For students we can help to identify post-secondary courses and career options, helping them to discover where they may best fit in the world of work.

The goal is to determine realistic career options based on your inherent interests and career history, and to pin-point a career goal where you be both successful and happy longterm.

How exciting is that?!

Click here to see a sample of the career assessment report that you will receive. 

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