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What People Are Saying:

You have no idea how much of an impact you had on me, especially during a pandemic, transitioning my role from sales to call center, all the challenges I faced in my job that brought me to you in the first place and my mom being sick and shortly after passing. You taught me skills that I needed at the right time. These skills really helped me think about my decisions, my feelings and my actions…how they affect not only me but the people around me. At first it was hard to understand what I needed to do, but once I got the hang of it, it became a habit. A habit that exists with me now and forever. Even though we haven’t talked for a few months I still use what you taught me every day. During our sessions, you really helped me find who I was and how I became who I am from birth, experiences, journeys and lessons…all that made up my current form. I especially appreciate you digging into my childhood and relating that back to how I am today. I told my boss at the time, that you were easily the best training I’ve ever had in the 16 years with this company. Easily the most helpful and most powerful impact on how I will conduct myself and the business going forward. Thank you for teaching me all the emotional intelligence skills. You have no idea the impact you made on me and I just wanted you to know that.