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> A step-by-step program developed by career transition specialists.

 > Designed to help you to find meaning, growth and success in your career.

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Follow our Proven, Step-by-Step Career Transition Program


Step 1 - Set a Realistic Career Goal designed for Your Future



Step 2 - Develop a Résumé that Blows Away Your Competition



Step 3 - Create the Biggest Pool of Quality Job Opportunities


Step 4 - Learn the Secrets to Effective Interviewing


Plus .. Copy, Paste & Edit

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WorkHorseU© Personal Coaching Options

If You Need Us, We Are Here For You!

Formal Career Assessment

Maybe your confidence has been shaken, maybe you've never been very happy at work or maybe you're not sure of what post-secondary program options are right for you.  If this sounds familiar, consider taking our formal career assessment and work with a qualified coach who can help you to determine the next best steps.

Includes a 20 page report and an hour teleconference with a qualified coach.

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Professional Résumé Writing

Maybe you just aren't great with words, or maybe you just don't have the time or the inclination to develop your own résumé.  Maybe you just don't know where to start!  If this sounds familiar, consider letting a professional Résumé Writer at WorkHorseU© develop a document that you will be proud to call your own.

Includes a personal consult, the writing, 3 sets of edits and a final version in Word & PDF.

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Personal Coaching 

WorkHorseU© Coaches are available to guide and support you personally when you need objective career transition advice, practical job search assistance or help to re-establish your footing if your confidence has been shaken. Book one session or arrange for multiple sessions according to your needs.  

Book some one-on-one time with a Personal Coach today! 

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The WorkHorseU© 

V.I.P. Program

If you want a personalized career coaching program experience, the WorkHorseU© VIP Program may be what you are looking for! The WorkHorseU© VIP Program provides:

*unlimited access to the online program materials for 3 months, *a formal career assessment with consultation and, *professional résumé writing.

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What People Are Saying...

“I gave your contact info to a few people in my network as I’ve been raving about you! Honestly, résumé writing has been such a stress and the ‘block’ from me taking the next step in my career – and now, I feel more equipped and empowered thanks to you!” – Nidhi



” Good news – I got my offer letter this morning!!!  Thank you again for all the help. I was pretty disappointed to lose my position during COVID, and given how the pandemic is affecting my industry, I didn’t really have a great deal of confidence that my unemployment would be short-lived. Your knowledge, experience and patience allowed me to create a solid resume of which I can be proud. Having that went a long way in helping me squelch those nagging inner voices that run the risk of getting in the way and making the process slow and more frustrating than necessary.

Dare I say, working with you in reflecting on and documenting my past accomplishments has been a pleasure and will certainly benefit me in my new position. ” – Mike



" I just wanted to thank you for your help and empathy; you was a critical part of my job search process, especially as a listener and observer. A “sounding board”.  I hope I can continue my relationship with you going forward. Thank you very much. " – José



" I have read through all aspects of the website and found it very helpful in all areas and have made notes to refer to in future.  Thanks again for your assistance. " – Fannie




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