Since 1981, we have supported Human Resources Leaders across Canada with reorganization projects of all sizes

CMS is a modern, boutique style outplacement and career transition firm that has long been ahead of it's time. 

Since 1981, we have developed a reputation for providing truly helpful advice and customized HR support to our long standing clients when difficult organizational changes must be addressed. 

We are an efficient, stream-lined operation that maintains low overheads and utilizes high-tech solutions to develop meaningful career transition solutions so that almost every company, no matter their size, can provide empowering and personalized career transition help to employees of all levels.

We are specialists in career transition, and are focused on developing the most effective strategies for Canadian job seekers.  For the last 40+ years, we have worked with tens of thousands of job search candidates of all levels and from all industries.  Our services are available from coast-to-coast and are offered in both official languages.

The culture at CMS can be described as synergistic.¬† We are a close team of dedicated, long-serving professionals who whole-heartedly work for the greater good of our HR clients and the job search candidates they have asked us to support. ¬†The professionalism and the innate compassion of our qualified, experienced team sets us apart ‚Äď and our practical tools and resources make all the difference in the success of one's search.

Ultimately, at CMS we are in the ‚Äėhelping business‚Äô and every member of our team feels¬†personally responsible for the work we do for our job search candidates and the HR¬†Managers who introduce them to us.


How Can We Support Your HR Team?

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Louise Hack, President

Direct:¬†437.222.0798, 1800.387.1220¬†ext. 2977 or at¬†[email protected]


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If you have recently left your position and have been offered a CMS program, but have not yet been in touch with your program coach, or you have not received your program passwords, please connect with us.


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Our Commitment


We are committed to¬†providing¬†you with responsive,¬†professional and personal HR support nationwide ‚Äď support that you can rely on to be consistent and efficient. ¬†

We have priced our range of programs so that they are accessible to all companies, no matter their size; ensuring that outplacement support can be offered to anyone, irrespective of their function or career level.  

The goal of our outplacement programs is to provide meaningful, practical and personal assistance to keep one's time between jobs to the minimum.  


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