An Effective LinkedIn Profile is Vital during Career Transition

Aug 03, 2022
Job Seeker LinkedIn Profile

Once you are happy and have finalized your résumé, the next step is to make sure their online presence is friendly, professional and up to date. 


Generally, employers will use online resources first to search for candidates that fit their requirements and that usually means accessing the resources available through LinkedIn.


As you well know, recruiting has changed drastically over the years and technology has played the greatest role in how people search for new work - and how employers find new candidates.


The Importance of Linkedin


Simply put, if your credentials are not online you are missing out on opportunities. And, in order to successfully attract the attention of hiring managers, your LinkedIn profile must be well thought out and up to date.  


You also need to understand - and use - all of the tools available on LinkedIn to develop your network of contacts and hiring audience.  That means making connections with potential employers, joining groups of interest or those related to their fields, following companies, searching and replying to job postings, sending in-mail messages, inviting prospects to view your profile, asking for recommendations, commenting on articles, asking questions and generally putting yourself out there with confidence to find the best career opportunities.


Coaches can walk you through the process of developing a LinkedIn profile if you don't already have one established or work with you to up date their profiles so that they are clear, professional, friendly and that they clearly state their job search objective.