Preparation! -The Key to Successful Interviewing

Jun 15, 2022

In the WorkHorseU Program, we introduce job seekers like you to the ways in which we suggest candidates to market their skills and career histories - whether that be through networking, the hidden job market, via recruiters, etc.


Once your marketing efforts start coming to fruition, it's all about preparing for the all-important interview process!


There are No Prizes for Coming in 2nd Place!


The first thing you must do is set the stage for your upcoming interview. You must understand the importance of researching the company and the interviewer you will be meeting - and ensure that you are ready for a variety of interview formats. Understanding what to expect is important to your success – especially if you haven’t interviewed for a few years.


It is also important for candidates to be aware of Emotional Intelligence, and the subtle interpersonal dynamics that take place between polite strangers who do not know each other.  We refer to this as “personal chemistry” in our training and our program teaches candidates to avoid making the mistakes that they would never dream of making if they knew the interviewer better.


We also discuss various “listening habits” and how to “influence the line of questioning” to help avoid misconceptions, and to ensure that details about your career history are clearly communicated.

And, of course, we prepare you for the various types of questions that they can expect to be asked.  Our program coaches and our program materials provide a variety of exercises to help with recall for technical questions, and preparation for behavioural-style questions.


Being well-prepared for interviews is imperative because unfortunately, this is one of the very few competitions in life where there are no prizes for coming in second – so we must get it right the first time!


Over the next few weeks, we will delve in deeper to the intricate ways we work with our job search candidates through the interview preparation process..and we invite you to stay tuned!