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Résumé Marketing - Accessing the 'Hidden Job Market'

Jul 13, 2022

When job seekers are ready, we encourage them to access the 'Hidden Job Market' to increase their potential opportunities.  The reason is that the 'hidden job market' gives us access to job opportunities that have not yet been advertised and, it is a rarely utilized résumé marketing avenue by the typical job seeker. The premise behind it is that we are not just looking for a vacancy -  but we are looking for a manager with a current employee who is about to move on. And that is a completely different thing!


This is why it works.

Many jobs are never actually advertised.  Organizations are always being bought, sold, closed down and started up. Employees retire, resign, are let go, burn out, become sick, take sabbaticals, leave of absences, fall out with their boss, go back to school, take maternity leave and find themselves promoted, demoted or transferred to a different region.


It is this natural movement in the workforce that ensures there are opportunities for skilled and experienced people - providing they market themselves properly.  Every time someone moves out of his or her position an opportunity arises for someone else to move into it.


But, business plans are normally made before the change occurs; so, to take advantage of those upcoming opportunities, we must be able to get in early and become part of that business plan!


Playing the Numbers Game

To help you access the ‘hidden job market’, we can develop a list of organizations for them that are within a specific industry, size and geographic criteria. The lists come complete with contact names and website addresses.

We can then offer you Program Coaches who will guide you in how to use your list, encouraging you to get your résumé into the hands of as many managers as possibly responsible for hiring people with their experience and skill set - and in as many companies as possible. Some will think sending their résumé to 20 companies will do the trick, but unfortunately, it usually does not. We are talking 100 résumé submissions - minimum!

With the guidance of Program Coaches, our candidates open many more possible job opportunities to themselves - and the ‘hidden job market' is just one of the avenues that we can address.